Docking recommendation

 Handcuffs upright to the body


Surprising bondage

Docking recommendation

Keyholes to the body -> no possibility of tampering

Applying the handcuffs:

Beim Anlegen der Fessel ist der Schlüssel zunächst nicht erforderlich: AThe key is not required at first when applying the handcuffs: if the appropriate pressure is applied, the single strand ratchets lock into place until the wrists are restrained. The locks should then be engaged – if at all possible – by turning the key to the left, or more quickly by pressing the quick lock lever as far as it will go in order to stop the handcuffs from tightening accidentally.

Sudden restraint and restraint using just one free hand are possible with a little practice by pushing the double strand on the unfolded, unlocked handcuff against the suspect’s wrist.


Removing the handcuffs:

  • Turn key to the right -> Key opens lock
  • Continue turning to the right -> Ratchet on the single strand and the lock bar separate



We recommend lubricating the strand pivots and hinge joints with light oil (e.g. bicycle oil) once a year.