Handcuffs Deutsche Polizei – the safe handcuffs

The handcuffs of the Deutsche Polizei trademark are very light and offer a high degree of stability. Folded together, you can keep them close on your body, ready for use quickly if needed.

Ratchet teeth on the strands and self-closing lever locks enable fast restraining and locking the handcuffs quickly without using a key. We have been manufacturing the high-quality handcuffs of the Deutsche Polizei brand for you in various colours, shapes and versions since 1977.


Light-metal Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape C for maximum safety

The light-metal shape C Deutsche Polizei handcuffs offer a high level of safety for the professional use by the police and justice authorities.

The foldable handcuffs are made of die cast metal and steel, manufactured into a resilient and durable model. They can be kept on hand ready for use at any time, which makes the decisive difference in the line of duty.


Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape D – the black handcuffs

Deutsche Polizei shape D handcuffs are black and offer a high degree of safety based on their design and material.

This model is identical to the shape C version. Due to its black colour, the handcuffs with the joint can be distinguished from other models and therefore also be used to differentiate between the people arrested.


Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape B – training restraints for practice

Deutsche Polizei shape B handcuffs are training restraints for practice before duty. They offer high quality and reliable function.

The handcuffs serve a practical purpose, as they can be used in training exercises and to refresh your skills before duty calls. The model cannot be locked, which lets them be opened and taken off easily. We also offer the handcuffs in blue (RAL 5012).


Light-metal Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape A for the pros

Light-metal shape A Deutsche Polizei handcuffs of high manufacturing and material quality are designed for the safety of the police and consorts.

The handcuffs impress for their very good workmanship and durable materials. The handcuff halves are inverted to each other and connected in the middle with solid interlocking hinges. These also let you fold the handcuffs.


Light-metal Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape K for thin wrists

Light-metal shape K Deutsche Polizei handcuffs are specially designed for thin wrists and have more than 25 locking positions, therefore permitting a particularly precise fit around the circumference of the wrists.

Because of the available circumference sizes, this handcuffs model is specifically designed for thin wrists, making them ideal for restraining females and young people.


Light-metal Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape L – ideal for handcuffing on the back

Light-metal shape L Deutsche Polizei handcuffs have a rigid connecting piece and are therefore ideal for restraining people’s hands on the back.

The handcuffs are made of aluminium alloy die cast metal and have a shackle made of galvanised stainless steel. The material makes the model durable and stable, while also comparably lightweight.


Light-metal Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, shape E – custom models

Light-metal shape E Deutsche Polizei handcuffs are available and adjustable as a custom model. The model stands out for its safety and quality.

Made of steel and high-quality aluminium die cast metal, the model’s surfaces are protected against corrosion. This makes the handcuffs durable and robust, low-maintenance and easy to clean.


Spare key for Deutsche Polizei handcuffs in 3 different sizes

The spare key of the Deutsche Polizei brand is made of stainless steel and offers three decisive benefits. As a replacement key, it is used for opening and closing the Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, even if the original key has been lost or damaged. For safety reasons, at least one spare key should be kept.


Leather pouch for Deutsche Polizei handcuffs

High-quality and imbued leather holster of excellent workmanship.

The flap has an inside fob for the handcuff key.

As a family-managed company, good old craftsmanship is very important to us.

Since 1977, we have made the best use of experience values in the production of the lightweight universal “Deutsche Polizei” handcuffs. This is how we can guarantee first rate quality and the safety of our products. We are also known and appreciated for our fast and timely delivery, as well as flexibility when it comes to special wishes.


Heiko Steffen (owner)

“We love what we do and have a passion for our craft – and have been for more than 55 years.”

Handcuffs for professionals – safety of the highest measure of quality


Our handcuffs are made of high-quality materials, making them durable, easy to clean and resilient against various external effects.


The precision manufacturing of the handcuffs assures the highest measure of safety during use while on duty and for training.


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